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Transcendent Design

Guided by a curiosity for the human journey, Heidi Kingman Jewelry transcends today’s jewelry trends by infusing the contemporary with the ancient. Heidi melds time-honored goldsmithing techniques with concepts of personal journey and growth to create designs infused with texture, color and form — both familiar and fresh. Using fine metals and select natural gemstones, she crafts her works herself in her Utah-based studio. Whether ready to ship, made to order, or custom created just for you, each piece is rendered with personal care and attention.

Handcrafted Quality

Heidi Kingman Jewelry is carefully handcrafted. No casting. No 3D printing. Forged and formed by hand and flame. The old way. The slow way. The metals used in Heidi’s designs are sourced from US suppliers, and carefully reused or recycled. Natural gemstones are selectively chosen from trusted suppliers. Being a small one-woman enterprise ensures hands-on real world oversight through every aspect of creation, from concept to creation to packaging. The result is beautifully crafted jewelry born of a true artisanal experience from start to finish.


"A journey of a thousand gems begins with a single spark."

— Heidi Kingman, adapted from Lau Tzu


Rooted in Human Curiosity

Insatiably inquisitive and forever endeavoring to reinvent herself, Heidi’s formal studies and experience include art, world culture & philosophy, science, medicine and law. A student at the core, Heidi is an attorney by trade and an artist by passion. Intrigued by the infinite learning inherent in goldsmithing, Heidi found herself drawn to tactile jewelry traditions that stretch back across the ages to the earliest roots of human creativity. She strives to bring that ancient spark forward and breathe it into her fresh contemporary designs.