Trail Marker Triple Stacking Rings

Trail Marker Triple Stacking Rings

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These are not ordinary stacking rings. They are not mass-produced, flimsy and soft. They are not merely plated metals. Nope. These are solid, hammer textured stacking rings hand-built one at a time in substantially gauged Argentium (slow-tarnish) sterling silver, with your personalized selection of faceted gemstones set in 14kt gold. They are a worthy, lasting choice to mark a special moment in your life's journey -- whether it be as a collection of family birthstones, or your favorite gemstone colors that make you smile. Everyday. Treat yourself to the real thing. One that lasts! 

  • 3mm natural gemstones of your choice from the dropdown menu (pictured with white topaz, London Blue topaz, and Fire Citrine)

  • 14kt gold bezel mounting

  • Argentium (slow-tarnish) sterling silver ring shank, handcrafted and hammer textured 

  • each ring is 2mm wide; stack of 3 rings is about 1/4"

**Select the gemstone for Ring 1, then click “Add to Cart” where you will then select size and texture. Repeat for Rings 2 and 3, adding each ring one at a time.

If you are looking for an unlisted stone, or a different sized stone, please simply contact me and I will send you a custom invoice.

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