Infinite Journey Necklace

Infinite Journey Necklace

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The infinity symbol has no beginning or end. It represents the endless expanse and continuous movement of the universe. In the yoga tradition, it speaks to our connectedness in the cycle of life. It was also known as the “lemniscate” by 17th century Greek philosophers and mathematicians. Far more ancient than that, it appears in Egyptian iconography and 8th century missionary ornaments.  

Small and delicate, this necklace has an elegant simplicity that softly whispers of its grand symbolism. This hand-forged gold infinity symbol features a textured section representing our collective souls traveling on this journey together. It glides unhindered along a gossamer 14kt gold box chain and is designed to lie sweetly just beneath the collar bones. 

  • 14kt yellow gold hand-forged and textured infinity symbol, 1/2” wide X 1/4” tall 

  • 14kt yellow gold box chain (0.5mm) - your choice of 16” or 18” 

  • Made to Order and ready to ship in 3 weeks 

  • From the Well-worn Path Collection 

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