Golden Trail Marker Single Stacking Ring

Golden Trail Marker Single Stacking Ring

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These are not ordinary flimsy stacking rings. They are not mass-produced or plated metal. Nope. These are solid 14k yellow gold stacking rings hand-built one at a time in a substantial gauge that won't easily squish out of shape the first time you grip your steering wheel. On top of that, you get to personalize them with your choice of precious and semi-precious gemstones. They are a worthy, lasting choice to mark a special moment in your life's journey -- whether it be as a collection of family birthstones, or your favorite gemstone colors that make you smile. Everyday. Treat yourself to the real thing. One that lasts! 

  • 3mm natural gemstone of your choice from the dropdown menu

  • 14kt yellow gold bezel

  • 2mm wide 14k yellow gold ring shank, handcrafted and finished to the texture of your choice (crosshatch, glossy or matte).

**Select the gemstone for Ring 1, then click “Add to Cart” where you will then select size and texture.

If you are looking for an unlisted stone, or a different sized stone, please simply contact me and I will send you a custom invoice.

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