Here is a mini studio tour of my workspace. This space is absolutely stuffed, so getting the tour done in a minute?! Yeah. I don’t even want to know how many takes it took. But it was amusing to my son! (You’ll see him photo-bombing the video.)

When we finished our basement a decade ago, I had no idea I would be wanting to squeeze a metalsmithing studio into that 8’x8’ space. But somehow I have managed to do so. Organization is key. I know a lot of creatives scoff at tidy workspaces, but when space is at a premium, you really have no choice but to learn to be organized. Everything has a place to go back to once I am done using it. Everything is within easy reach and the most frequent tools are visible for increased efficiency. Having my space somewhat artfully organized reduces stress, keeps me inspired, and helps me to use my time effectively because it’s not wasted trying to find something in whirl of chaotic clutter.

Still, I do dream of a larger space with lots of daylight, happy plants, and room for visitors. And more tools . . . hey, a girl can dream!

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