Where does my motivation stem from? What are my goals?

Is it odd that these are the sorts of questions I struggle with most? A metaphor comes to mind. The you pump too much fuel into an engine and then try to start it quickly, nothing happens. You “flooded” the engine. Questions like this flood my brain. The list of what I want to do, things I’d like to try, things I’d like to accomplish . . . where do you start?

The answer? Anywhere. Just start. If you fail? Start again. “A journey of a thousand gems begins with a single spark.” I adapted Lau Tau’s attributed quote to create this - my motivational quote, mantra, tag line. Whether it is a spark of creativity, inspiration, idea or the internal spark of that most human desire to move forward, explore, and challenge oneself. Find it. Nurture it. And get started.

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Heidi KingmanComment