Hands At Work

This is where the magic happens. That space where thought reaches out through your fingers — even through to the tip of your tool — to the item you are working on. Touch. You can see the work, hear the file on the metal, but touch . . . it’s a vital piece of creating. The metal talks to you through touch. You can feel it as you bend it, form it, heat it. If it’s unhappy with you, it will tell you! I know, that probably sounds like a crazy thing to say. But if you’ve worked in metal, you know. It will tell you if it’s getting brittle and over work-hardened. It will tell you through touch if it’s too pliable or flimsy in a spot. There is a communication between artist and material. I am sure this happens in other mediums, too. It’s all in the hands.

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Heidi KingmanComment