Story Behind the Name

Once upon a time, my business name was “My Bead Therapy.” My jewelry journey began with one scoop of my fingers through a bin of loose gemstone beads. The colors, silky polished surfaces, and the way they bent the light . . . I was drawn to finding ways to arrange them, present them, to amplify their expressive voices. And “playing” with them had become my therapy. But before I knew it, I felt limited by the design constraints of working with stones with holes in them. I wanted to make things that were just “me,” and that no one else could recreate. Store bought findings were unsatisfying. I soon began to design with wire. Metal became the vehicle. But to make metal sing her full range of notes, you need fire.

Once fire became part of my toolbox, I no longer needed stones with holes in them. A whole new world opened up. And suddenly my business name no longer fit — it no longer reflected me or my business. So, I revamped everything (which is no easy endeavor!) and changed it to Heidi Kingman Jewelry. I figure it’s flexible enough to grow with me — so long as I stick to jewelry!


Heidi Kingman